About M&M A Full Service Boatyard

M&M A Full Service Boatyard is located on the Miami River, and offers a full line of professional marine services in our clean, safe, and efficient boatyard.

We also offer haul-out services for vessels up to 80’


  • We love what we do . It's not just a job ; it's our passion to deliver you with the best boatyard experience where your best interests and your investment are protected
  • Honest licensed and skilled professionals will walk you thru your projects step by step and customize the best plan of action to fully address all areas of concern
  • 24/7 security on premises
  • We recycle or water and use solar energy . We are environmentally friendly to help our planet allow us many more years of safe and enjoyable boating
  • We area a leading boatyard in south Florida , offering a full line of services that will bring your boat back to the condition you deserve , prolong your vessel's life and provide you with more time time of boating and less of worrying

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Quote from CEO

“M&M A Full Service Boatyard is a father and son dream come to life. It is a result of over a decade of experience with yachts and yacht owners, a true passion for safe and enjoyable boating and a sense of great accomplishment and pure happiness each time I watch a client leave our boatyard with a big smile on his or hers face.

It is a result of great team work, as all of us are and will continue to be trained specifically to the demands of our clients, in our quest to reach the highest standards of quality in marine services and raise the bar of what customer service and satisfaction should truly mean in our industry.”

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